Saturday, August 22, 2015

Days before 2nd cycle

Just before going into my 2nd cycle of chemo I was feeling great. But let me explain how my 2 weeks went with the first round of  chemo. Day one was good both of the people taking care of me was there.  That made me not feel alone. My husband and Uncle E. are my support group at home.  Day one was good they gave me a liquid form of ativan which made me very sleepy during the whole process.  The 1st three days were ok, so nausea but they gave me different pills to try for that.  Day 4 and 5 I had the chills ready bad. I mean still walking around with a sweatshirt and still cold, but I had to check my temp everyday, which is important. See I cant have a temp higher than 100.4. See they also gave me a special card that helps me to bypass the Emergency Room, if I ever needed it.  But my temp was normal the whole time. I tell you like a new person the next day, I felted so different.  I had energy, just a little bit more than all week. After day  7 I was out the door, being a mother. I was grocery shopping, running errands, helping with school projects, walking outside, I even took a bunch of teenagers to the pool.  No I did not get in the pool, I was enjoying the cool breeze in the shade.  I have to wear sunblock now because of the chemo.  

A few days before the next chemo treatment me and my Uncle E. came up with a plan to push super antioxidants, iron, probiotics, fruits, and veggies. So we do that.  He made awesome green shakes and smoothies in the morning for me.  Lunch or dinner I would have a salad. Yes my taste buds in the beginning was not helping me, but I know that pizza and chocolate pudding is a life saver for me, for now.  Day 12, it started, my hair was coming out in clumps from not on top of my hair. Im just being honest for the people who really need to know. Then day 13 I was srcatching my hair gently and a patch came out. All I could do was take a deep breath.  

That is enough for now...until later.

(Remember I'm not a writer so please dont judge the flow of my content like that, this is meant to be infomative as I go through this process).