Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My 2nd Chemo cycle of Breast Cancer

I know that I haven't written in a while, but I've been spending a lot of time with my family.  I had to be sure that my boys had their school uniforms, supplies, and I put groceries in the house for the next two weeks.  Both of my boys had summer project that were due on the first day of school. So let me catch you guys up.  The day before my second chemo appointment I decided to have all my hair shaved off.  My husband attempted but he left a lot of patches, claiming that I had different texture of hair going in all directions.  I made an appointment with my hair dresser, and she hooked me up.  I had chemo on August 20.  My uncle E. took me and sat with me during the 3 1/2 hour session. The first 3 to 4 days for me are hard.  I don't like or don't want to eat. I have to constantly drink fluids, seems like every hour on the hour.  I found out that I do like the GNC strawberry protein shakes and the green Naked smoothie drinks.  When I do eat I have hardly any taste sensation from the chemo and the chemo is turning the sides of my tongue black, as well as my finger nail beds. I try to stay cautious when dealing with germs.  The first 7 days after chemo I don't do lanudry, wash dishes, clean bathrooms, or even empty trash can in my house.  The goal for me and my family is: if I don't get sick then we have been doing something correct in the house by keeping me safe and away from germs. In case some of you don't understand, my white blood cell count right after chemo is shot down to about the 50's and a normal neutrophils count is about 1500. My platelet counts are very low and they always ask me did I bruise myself or get hurt, because I can have complications where I will not stop bleeding.

Around day 7 I'am ready to at least walk my block a couple of times.  Instead every morning I walk my son to his bus stop which is actually 1.15 there and 1.15 miles back to the house.  I really enjoy our talks and we take our time, mostly for me.  When I get back home, I'am ready to get my day started.  For example here is a typical good, energized day for me: Walk my son to his bus stop and I walk back home, organize the bills, get in the car and pay some bills, grocery shop, and run little errands for the household like (my son called and needed his gym clothes) so I had to drive to his school 25 mins away, later that day I would cook dinner.  Well the good news from this message is the lump in my breast is going down.

Well unitl next time. (Don't forget I'am not a writter, so don't judge me). Please make comments and ask questions.