Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today is the day

I didn't receive much sleep last night, as I was worried about my results.  I keep everything on the down low just between me and my husband.  He went to work that day and I started cooking breakfast for my boys. Then the phone rang, it was a Doctor from the Breast center and he put it to me boldly, I'am sorry to inform you that the the test results revealed that you have stage  2B breast cancer, I was floored.  What does this really mean? We have made an appointment for you to come in and meet with our team so we can get started on treating you.

The next day I meet my Breast team and they were so nice the whole way.  They spoke with me gently and slow and explained things to me in not using really big words.  I felt important and informed.  I meet later that week with my oncologist and we discussed the treament plan.  I also meet with a gentic counslor to consult me on getting blood test done to see if a specific gene ran in my family.  It was called the BRACA test.  The next day I called my father who I have not spoken to in months.  I said hello and he started the conversation with oh hi we just buried your Auntie.  She passed away from ovarian cancer.  And there might be somthing wrong with his prostate. So since we were talking about cancer in the family I proceeded to tell him what was going on with me.  He broke down immediatlly and gave me contact information to another auntie that went through this.  I spoke with my aunt and she explained to me how the mutatuted BRACA 2 gene runs in our family.  She had a double mastocomy. I also learned that BRACA 2 up the chances for ovarian cancer and that our ovareiey need to come out before the age of 40.  Knowing all this information was and still is over whelming.

What would be your thought right now?