Monday, November 10, 2014

Put it to the side

This morning I was able to wake up next to my husband of 17 years and realized that he was not rushing off to work. He actually had the day off.  He works countless hours during the day and still works on his computer at home at night. So I said, "I have a plan, lets get some coffee, have breakfast out and hit a movie theater". He turned and smiled at me and I knew that it was going to be a great morning. At the time our bedroom was a mess, because we had been focused on the rest of the house. I told him to leave it, it will be here when we come back. Plus we can either cut the Pandora on and clean up stairs or watch one of our Netflix series and fold clothes together.  I try to find little ways to spend time together, especially when you don't get a lot of time.  Have you ever wondered about the small things you could do with a special person?  We lose that along the way in a relationship. From time to time I think back what if I was younger, what would I do with this person in my life that will draw them closer to me, that may even put a smile on their face?