Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Helping others

Recently I was offered to help add ideas to a programs outline about what spouses needed to know before and during, while their military loved one was coming into the Air Force.  I felt wanted and needed but still grateful for the opportunity to voice my opinion. So tomorrow I will be volunteering in the DC Kitchen helping to prepare meals for the people in need.  I have always wanted to help others not only with my medical skills but some where their life situations.  I wanted many years ago to build a HUD house, but never went through with it.  This is my time to share and give and to show my boys that helping other is very rewarding.  It builds something stronger inside of you and that sometimes gets rubbed off onto others.  

I know that I'm Licensed as a Radiologic Technologist now, and I help people see whats wrong inside of them, but helping others in ANY kind of way is still so awesome.

What was the last thing great that you did for someone?  Or what would be something that you would really want to do for somebody?